Masonry Division

About us:

Darrin Gray is a 3rd Generation Masonry Contractor.  His grandfather, Owen C. Gray, started O.C. Gray and Sons around 1947. 

Darrin’s Father started Dale Gray Corporation Masonry in 1971 and retired in December of 1998.

Darrin bought the business from Dale and started Darrin Gray Corporation Masonry in January of 1999.

Owen C. Gray Brick Firebox Mesa, Arizona Darrin’s Grandad Owen C. Gray with a fireplace box he constructed circa 1960 in Casa Grande Arizona. We have a long legacy of quality masonry construction in the Valley of the sun.
Owen C. Gray with his Owen C. Gray (on the left) shown with his brand new “Self loading / Unloading” truck he bought in Arizona in 1959
Dale Gray (white shirt) with his brother Dwain, trenching the footing for a Block Fence in the 1970s.
Dale and Owen Gray removing chainlink Fence Posts for a block fence (Left to right) Dennis Tiffany, Dale Gray, and Owen C. Gray in Mesa,  Arizona use a metal pipe as a lever to pull up the posts of a chain link fence in order to replace it with a block fence. (circa 1970)
Block Fence Dale Gray with Billy Lopez Dale Gray Checking in with Mason Billy Lopez as he lays a Block Fence in Mesa, Arizona


Owen works on the stem walls of a cabin in Pine, AZ With Dale Gray in  the back ground and his eldest son Chuck Gray Right in front of the self loading/unloading truck in Pine Arizona  (circa 1960)


Darrin’s Uncle Dwain circa 1950 showing us how it was done in the old days.


Darrin plumbing up a fence column in Lehi Arizona in 2008. Darrin doesn’t lay too many block these days, but once in a while he pitches in.


Darrin Gray, Oscar Rodriquez, Servando, and an onlooker pouring concrete for a fence footing in Mesa Arizona 2008.

Darrin doing some trenching for a customer in Mesa Arizona Darrin Gray doing some trenching for a customer in Mesa Arizona

This is one of our “Dale Gray designed” Scaffold trailers. He had about four of these custom-made in the early 70s. Having been a laborer for many years himself, he had these specifically designed for ease of use.

They may not be pretty, but they carry everything we need to build a custom or tract home. We still have and use several of them.

2 responses

  1. ClubMuni

    Love it! Thanks for posting these. It’s great to see Grandpa Gray and Uncle Dwain in action. What a Legacy we have!


    September 20, 2012 at 11:22 pm

  2. Devin Gray

    Who’s We? I don’t see you laying any block Sam!

    May 7, 2020 at 4:04 am

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