Masonry Division

Commercial Work

This is a custom color split face CMU commercial building we built out in Phoenix. A yet to be named future restaurant.

This is a bathroom facility that we are building for a church in the town of Guadalupe. There is lots of plumbing inside of the walls which requires lots of precision cutting.

AAA auto Center completed March 2020

A new Krispy Kreme doughnuts facility we completed recently in Glendale

A new warehouse we just completed for SWD urethane. 44 foot high walls!


The above is a tenant improvement for SWD Urethane in Mesa Arizona. We added a 2nd story and an addition to the existing building.


This is a new facility that we built in late 2013 for Gunnell’s Tire and Service in Mesa Arizona. They were on a tight deadline. They needed us to get it done fast  and do it right while we were at it!

It was a great project and it was a lot of fun to build!

Gunnell's Tire Mesa Arizona

Gunnell’s Tire Mesa Arizona


In-n-Out Alma School Road and Southern Avenue, Mesa, Arizona

If you have eaten at an IN-N-OUT Burger in Arizona, chances are pretty good that we did the block work on it.

IN-N-OUT Burger is just one of the many commercial enterprises that trust us to build their masonry buildings and site walls the right way.

IN-N-OUT Burger,  Tucson, AZ

We also build retaining walls and install precast concrete caps


Here is a photo of  a Retaining wall and 6 Columns that we did for one of the several IN-N-OUT Burgers we’ve built in Tucson, AZ.  We also layed the Precast Concrete Caps on the retaining wall. Our Supplier for the Precast on this Job was They provided a quality concrete cap, on time, at a reasonable price.

Block Tire Shop in Mesa, Arizona
Masonry Tire Shop in Mesa, Arizona

This is a block addition to a Therapy room at an adult care center.

This photo was taken in Mesa, Arizona  shortly after the block were layed.

Brick/Block addition
Block Addition Finished Product

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